I’m on a Gary Vaynerchuk kick lately!  The guy is good.  He grew his online wine business to $60 million dollars using social media.  If you know me, you know I am not a numbers gal, but 60 million is a ton of ka-ching!

If you want, watch the interview.

Here are my notes…

  • Social media is not “black magic”!
  • Customer service is the new marketing.
  • Pay it forward with good content.
  • Social networking is about relationships.
  • Everything you do is about marketing.
  • You need to evolve, social media is not going away.
  • You need to adopt, don’t be scared, just do it.
  • Social media is not about you, it’s about nurturing your customers.
  • Consumers know when they are being “pitched”.
  • World changing event = 1995 ~ the internet!
  • Debate = collection vs. connection (it’s not just about having 10,000 Facebook fans, or 30,000 Twitter followers, it’s about connecting with them).
  • You need to “marry” your customers (the marriage doesn’t end after the ceremony = once you have your customer, you need to nurture the relationship).
  • The science of customer acquisition (computer geeks knowing our buying habits).
  • The battlefield is retention.  Retention is the ultimate goal.
  • What is the lifetime value of your customer?
  • The only way to retain your customers is by being human.
  • If you handle social media poorly, it may result in the loss of customers.
  • You need to respond and engage.
  • The world we live in is based on word of mouth.
  • Social media is “WORD OF MOUTH ON STEROIDS”!
  • Endorsements matters; people trust the opinion of their friends.
  • Culture shift = less talking and more listening!
  • Why would you hire a 22 year old to handle your social media?  What business experience do they have?  What kind of customer service experience do they have?

What do you think?  Is the Gary right?