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Are you leaving for out of town or simply want to work on your Facebook marketing one day per week? Did you know you can schedule your posts to be displayed at a later date and time right from Facebook? Yep! You can and here is how to do it!

    1. Go to your Facebook business page. Towards the top of the page, you will see “Edit Page.” Click on the drop down arrow to the right.

Use Facebook as Your Business

    1. Click on “Use Facebook as Your Business Name
    2. In the box where it states, “Write something on this page…” type in the text you would like to schedule. You can also add a photograph(s), links, and videos.

How to Schedule Your Facebook Posts

    1. To schedule your post, click on the clock icon which is located on the bottom left-hand corner of the text box.
    2. Add the date and the time you would like your post to appear on your Facebook page.

Click on the Facebook clock to schedule your post

    1. Click on “Schedule.”
    2. You can view your scheduled posts by clicking on “Edit Page”- towards the top of the page. Click on the drop down arrow and click on “Use Activity Log.”

See scheduled Facebook posts

    1. By placing your cursor over the scheduled post, you can either reschedule, edit, publish your post, or delete the post.

Schedule Facebook Posts | Activity Log

Well, there you go! This is how you schedule your posts right on Facebook. For those who schedule to multiple platforms (Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc.), you may want to considering using HootSuite. This is what I use and I love it. Here is a blog post I wrote that will help: “How to Use HootSuite for Your Business.”

Do you have any questions about the Facebook Pages Manager app, contact me, Shelly at Woo! Social Media Marketing. I would be happy to help!