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Can Your Fans See Your Facebook Reviews

A Bit of Everything’s Facebook Reviews

Recently a good friend of mine, Nancy Rothwell, who is the creator/owner of A Bit of Everything asked me if the Facebook reviews on her Facebook page were being automatically shared on her fan’s newsfeed? Unfortunately, the answer is “No!” However, if someone visits her timeline, they can read the reviews. Also, if she would happen to receive a bad review, she cannot delete the review…which I doubt this would happen because her hummus is absolutely delicious!

So….what should Nancy do to share these awesome reviews with her adoring fans? Well…three things:

  1. Nancy could copy the reviews and create a post with them. Here is an example from my Woo! Social Media Marketing Facebook page: I copied the text of the review, mentioned the reviewer, how many stars she provided, and the actual review. I then added a “Thank You” photograph, because visuals are important! Thank your Facebook fans for their reviews
  2. Nancy could also capture an image of the reviews and post the image on her Facebook page. I use a free tool created by TechSmith called Jing to capture images on my computer screen. Above is the image captured from Nancy’s Facebook page. I captured the image and saved it. If Nancy did this she could then post the image directly on her Facebook page.
  3. Lastly, Nancy could copy the URL to her reviews and post the link to her Facebook page with a message like, “See what others are saying about A Bit of Everything.”

If you have any questions regarding Facebook or other social media channels, send me a message on Facebook or contact me! I am happy to help!