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Social Media Managers help businesses connect with their clients and customers!  They take the social media hype and make it manageable and understandable.  They help clients stay focused on the daily operation of their business while they take care of the tedious work of running an effective social media campaign.  To learn more about what a Social Media Manager does, read below…

Five Reasons Why You May Need a Social Media Manager!

  1. Develop Systems ~ Managing social media campaigns can be very time consuming if you do not have a system to effectively manage your efforts.  A Social Media Manager will sit down with each client and help them develop systems that will work for them.
  2. Status Updates ~ Many businesses do not know what type of content to share with their followers.   Social Media Managers will post pre-approved status updates for their clients.  This content is researched via blogs and articles that pertain to their client’s business niche.  This is often where businesses become overwhelmed.  A Social Media Manager will do all the research so their client can maintain their business.
  3. Application Investigation ~ The age of technology is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest tools that can help you with your social media success.  A Social Media Manager will investigate the latest tools available and apply them to the related social media outlets.
  4. Clean Up ~ Social Media Managers are available to clean client’s inbox or messages that they may have received on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  Often the inbox can get cluttered with useless information, so they clean it up for their client.  They only leave the important messages. There are programs that can also be applied to simplify this procedure, but it is best to have a human eye determine what is SPAM and what may be important information.
  5. Determine the Best Platforms ~ A Social Media Manger will research the best platforms to connect with clients or customers.  The fast paced client may enjoy Twitter, but may be missing potential connections with clients or customers on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Have you found that …

  • you are overwhelmed with all that it takes to be successful marketing your business online? 
  • you are too busy to update your status? 
  • your clients and customers fail to engage in the conversation?

If you answered yes to one or all of the questions above, you may need a Social Media Manager!  Contact me today to see if I can help!