As a social media marketer, I sometimes get frustrated because my social media efforts don’t always produce the engagement that I was hoping for (i.e. likes, comments, shares, views, etc.). Then I remind myself that the current reality is that people today have come to expect to find information about any product, service, company, or challenge they face by simply turning to their favorite search engine!

This is why it is so important to produce content that provides potential customers and clients with information that they may be interested in. I strongly believe that a personal referral is the best form of advertising. However, I think the person who receives the referral will check out your online presence before coming to your store or calling you. They want to make sure that you are reputable and trustworthy.

This is why I believe it is important to have a solid online presence (website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter). Even if someone referred them directly to you, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t be worthy of their trust if you haven’t done a good job at educating them and building trust.

So…we may not always be able to measure the positive effects our online presence has, but I firmly believe it helps in the sales process.

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