You can have the best jingle, the best website, the best Facebook page and none of matters if your customer service stinks!

Here’s an example…O’Reilly Auto Parts.  Are you singing their commercial in your head? “O O O’Reilly…O’Reilly…Auto Parts!”

68,828 “Like” them on Facebook!  I am not one of them!  Why?  Because we had one bad experience with one of their stores!  We needed some paint to match our side mirror on our vehicle.  We did not know what the paint number was nor where to get the number to match the paint.  It was raining out and the staff person had to go outside (and get wet) to look up the paint number.  They did not have the paint in stock.  They suggested we go somewhere else.  We will never go back to O’Reilly.  Why?  The staff was rude and we were an inconvenience.

I wished Sam’s Paint & Body Supply had a Facebook Page because I would “Like” them.  They were friendly and courteous.  They took the time to explain to us exactly what we needed to do to paint our mirror.

Just because you have a Facebook Page doesn’t mean you have to stop providing excellent customer service.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  Now more than ever, you need to provide excellent customer service.  To quote Gary Vaynerchuk, “Social Media is word of mouth on steroids!” People will share if they have a great experience at your store, but they also will share if they have a bad experience at your store.

What are you doing to provide excellent customer service to every person who walks through your doors?