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Polka Dot Powerhouse

Awww…networking….either you love it or you hate it! Regardless of how you feel about networking, it is an absolute necessity in the world of business. As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know!”

I can contribute almost 100% of my business to the connections I have made and the referrals that I have received! Yep…it’s true. People may check me out on my social profiles and website, but the business I receive is ultimately due to the people I know. Yes, my clients may have attended one of my workshops, but the reason for the workshop was due to my connections! Are you connecting the dots?

Recently, I joined a new networking group…Polka Dot Powerhouse. Polka Dot Powerhouse is the fresh face of business and personal networking. They pride themselves in connecting and promoting people and their businesses worldwide. Headquartered in Eau Claire, WI, Polka Dot Powerhouse produces monthly meetings, workshops, and classes as well as an annual 2-day International Conference.

Polka Dot Powerhouse also provides members with online resources and collaboration opportunities. They provide people with information, resources, and opportunities to help create more meaningful friendships and business relationships that can help them and others move forward in all aspects of their lives.

Polka Dot Powerhouse is looking to spread the revolution by adding members, leadership, and trainers from across the world.

“We are what we surround ourselves with.”  Polka Dot Powerhouse is about surrounding yourself with the most positive, active, productive, and collaborative people in the world. For more information, please check out the Polka Dot Powerhouse website or contact me. I would love to share with you my experience with Polka Dot Powerhouse!