Studies show that you have a 50% higher “Like” conversion rate when you have a custom welcome page on your Facebook page.  Instead of having folks land on your wall, send them to a custom welcome page first.

A custom welcome page welcomes new comers to your page and encourages them to “Like” your page.

Unless you know how to create Facebook applications (iFrame apps), you will want to use a third party application to design your custom welcome page.

Below is a list of websites where you can design your welcome page:

What to Share on Your Welcome Page

  • Information about who you are
  • What you do
  • What’s in it for them…what they will receive for being a “Fan” of your page
  • Call to action (i.e. “Like” my page!)

May Want to Include

  • Free gift (eBook, coupon, other exclusive offer for fans)
  • Email opt in
  • Welcome video
    • This video should be casual and friendly
    • Allows you to show others your personality so they can associate a face behind the brand

 Reveal Tab or Fan Gating

  • Reward fans for clicking the like button
  • After the fan click “Like”, a second page is revealed to them

Final Tips

  • The image should be a maximum of 520 x 800 pixels (ideally, the height should be 600 pixels so that the entire image appears before the fold)
  • Set your welcome page as the default landing page
    • Edit info
    • Manage permissions
    • Default landing tab
    • Save changes
    • Edit name of tab
      • Edit page
      • Apps
      • Scroll down to desired app
      • Click on edit settings
      • Change to desired name

What app do you use for your Facebook page?  Would you recommend it?