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Here we go again…Facebook has changed!

Single News Feed
“Top Stories” and “Most Recent” are now in a single news feed.  Previously, you would have to choose either “Top News” (popular posts in order of popularity) or “Most Recent” (chronological order).

What you used to see…
Now you will see a single News Feed which shows you both the “Top News” at the top and “Most Recent” underneath.

If you infrequently visit Facebook, you’ll see the top status updates and photos that have been posted while you have been away.   These updates are marked with a blue corner.

If you are like me and check your Facebook more frequently, recent stories will be displayed first.

Enlarged Photos
Photos now appear larger allowing you to easily see them while you are scrolling though your news feed.

On the right-hand side of your account you’ll see a Ticker.  This Ticker lets you see all your friends’ activity in real-time. When you hover over an item on ticker, you can see the full story and join the conversation as it happens. Ticker updates itself as stories happen. This gives you a more complete picture of what your friends are doing, right now.

When you “Like” a Page, you have the option of making a recommendation for the business, service, or product.

The Subscribe Button
Hear from people you’re interested in, even if you’re not friends.  You’ve always been subscribed to friends. Now you can keep up with journalists, celebrities, political figures and other people you’re interested in too. You can get their public updates in your News Feed by going to their profile and clicking on the Subscribe button. Once you subscribe, you can see their public posts in your News Feed.

The New Friend Button with Smart Lists
Lists are an easy, optional way to:

  • See more in News Feed from your close friends
  • Keep your work life and weekends separate
  • Share your post with just the right people

To update your list, hover over the “Friends” button on their profile.  You can set your friend as, “Close Friend” or “Acquaintance”.  If they are a “Close Friend” the subscription will automatically be set to “All Posts”.  If they are only an “Acquaintance,” the subscription will be set to “Only Important.”  You can adjust the subscriptions manually.

The “Profile” Button has Disappeared
Instead of Profile, you now have a small thumbnail and name of the user you’re logged in as.  This will help you determine when you are using Facebook as a Page.  Also, the “Account” has been replaced by a simple down arrow so you can access all your account, privacy, page, and log out settings.

  Miscellaneous Changes

  • You no longer need 25 likes on a business page in order to grab a custom URL.
  • A “translate” button will appear when posts or comments are in another language.

What do you like best about the changes that Facebook has made?